Hi Wendi, I’m a 32-year-old guy from Australia.  Your segment on TMS has been one of my favourites and has opened my eyes to a lot of stuff. Now for my question.  I am currently going through a lot of changes:  1) My wife and I just had our second child. So we have all…

Relationship Status: Super Complicated

Hi Wendi, I am in love with my best friend, who has been married to someone else for a little over a year and a half now. We are both 23 and have been friends for more than 8 years. I was a witness at her marriage. I didn’t tell her about my feelings before…

Starting the Process: Getting help for anxiety and depression

Hi Wendi, I spend the majority of my days feeling sad, with zero energy and generally feeling pretty blue. In addition, anytime anything ‘big’ comes up in my life (e.g. When my partner and I just bought a house, when I apply for jobs, social engagements etc.), my chronic reflux plays up badly, basically giving…

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