Anxiety Depression Getting Help

Starting the Process: Getting help for anxiety and depression

Hi Wendi, I spend the majority of my days feeling sad, with zero energy and generally feeling pretty blue. In addition, anytime anything ‘big’ comes up in my life (e.g. When my partner and I just bought a house, when I apply for jobs, social engagements etc.), my chronic reflux plays up badly, basically giving…

Depression Mid-life Crisis Relationship

What just happened to us?

March 15th 2016 Dear Wendi, My wife and I have been in marrage counseling for the last six monrths.  Due to holidays and such I think we had maybe ten sessions. In out last one,a week ago,  my wife told me that it was over. She says she loves me but can’t stay married to…

Depression Friendship

It’s for a friend.

Dear Wendi, I have a friend who I have known since we were 2; we are now in our late 20s. In the last decade my friend has suffered from severe depression and I really want to know how to help them. This friend is a medical professional and has more understanding than the average…