Targeted Group Solutions

Hey everybody –

I’ve started a little side project where a group of people, contact me with a specific problem or questions that ail the members of the group.  It could be a group of friends, family members, co-workers, or random folks who met online or at the local pub.  I ask the group lots of questions and come up with a more targeted solution or therapeutic plan for them.  It’s a way to help more than one person at a time but also give help that is specific to a group’s particular challenges.  I’ll then post the “solutions” here so everyone can hopefully benefit from them.

The first one called “Emotional Labor” is a series of mini-podcast recordings, homework assignments and links to resources to help couples struggling with the division of emotional, mental and physical labor in their partnership.

If you and your group are interested in a “solution” to your shared concerns or ailments, send me an email and we’ll get started.

Warmest regards,