Hello World!

Welcome to Therapy Thursdays everybody!  This is a blog written by someone who just might have mocked blogs since their inception (oops).  So now that blogs aren’t that cool anymore, I’m all in.  What does that say about me?   Ready… psychoanalyze me….Go!

Four years ago, I started doing a little thing called “Therapy Thursday” on my brother Scott Johnson‘s daily morning podcast show “The Morning Stream.”  I join Brian Ibbott and Scott, most Thursdays of course, to chat about random stuff and then tackle an email from a listener who is struggling with a relationship or some other psychological challenge in their lives.  We are sometimes serious, possibly funny and at times we might even sound like we know what we’re doing.

This blog is a small gift to our incredibly kind and loyal listeners.  One stop shopping for all things Therapy Thursday.  It’s a place to get older episodes of the podcast as well as a place to get the current therapy thursday segment of the Morning Stream.  Plus all 12 full-length episodes of The Therapy Show.

If you are one who would rather read then listen, than that means you are old.  AND this blog is also a great place to read similar stuff as contained in the podcast – except with much better grammar.   (No promises on that.)   This means, I’m looking forward to answering your newly submitted questions. Please submit them in the menu bar to the right of this.

One last thing.   In addition to answering your questions, I will also write randomly about random stuff that might be of interest.  Of course, you be the judge of that.

(Full disclosure, I’m terrified of the comments sections on blogs cause I do not love internet angry talk, so play nice or I’ll turn that little feature off cause I’m super good with setting boundaries. Ha!)

So let’s do this thing!