Hello World!

Welcome to Therapy Thursdays everybody!  This is a blog written by someone who just might have mocked blogs since their inception (oops).  So now that blogs aren’t that cool anymore, I’m all in.  What does that say about me?   Ready… psychoanalyze me….Go!

Four years ago, I started doing a little thing called “Therapy Thursday” on my brother Scott Johnson‘s daily morning podcast show “The Morning Stream.”  I join Brian Ibbott and Scott, most Thursdays of course, to chat about random stuff and then tackle an email from a listener who is struggling with a relationship or some other psychological challenge in their lives.  We are sometimes serious, possibly funny and at times we might even sound like we know what we’re doing.

This blog is a small gift to our incredibly kind and loyal listeners.  One stop shopping for all things Therapy Thursday.  It’s a place to get older episodes of the podcast as well as a place to get the current therapy thursday segment of the Morning Stream.  Plus all 12 full-length episodes of The Therapy Show.

If you are one who would rather read then listen, than that means you are old.  AND this blog is also a great place to read similar stuff as contained in the podcast – except with much better grammar.   (No promises on that.)   This means, I’m looking forward to answering your newly submitted questions. Please submit them in the menu bar to the right of this.

One last thing.   In addition to answering your questions, I will also write randomly about random stuff that might be of interest.  Of course, you be the judge of that.

(Full disclosure, I’m terrified of the comments sections on blogs cause I do not love internet angry talk, so play nice or I’ll turn that little feature off cause I’m super good with setting boundaries. Ha!)

So let’s do this thing!


  1. Comgrats on the new blog. Looking forward to reading more. The Thursday session on TMS has been very enlightening and help me think about similar issues affecting my life.

  2. Yay! I am old! Looking forward to all things “Wendy”! Thank you for providing this group with some awesome self awareness.

    1. I am also part of the “old” group…..sometimes I think I am the grandpa of TMS at 54. I love Therapy Thursday and it has even convinced my wife to listen to TMS on our long car rides to the cottage on the weekend.

      I have learned a lot from past shows and look forward to more in the future.


  3. I am a long time listener of TMS and as life has gotten more and more busy with 4 little ones of my own I find myself most often only being able to tune in for Thursdays. I am really looking forward to where this leads. Cheers!

  4. Congratulations on the new site!

    Quick question though, I live in Norway and is tied to the Norwegian iTunes Store, but the therapy show doesn’t seem to be available there, is it supposed to only be available in the US or will it be available elsewhere later?

      1. Well, it’s still about a 12 hour drive, but sure come on over 😉 I think my problem might be that I’m on an iPad and don’t know how to use a RRS reader, I’ll catch the show when I’m on a computer I guess.

        1. try looking for the morning stream Carina. If you find it then you will hear her on the Thursday episodes. Hope that helps! 😀

  5. Congratulations on the new blog! I’m a huge fan and am thrilled I can get my favorite TMS segment broken out. Plus new content. Please keep it coming! 🙂

  6. Hi Wendi!
    You are my very favorite “have never met you”-friend! Thank you for your lighthearted touch on topics that are really hard to discuss with people irl! I hope you and your family are getting the very best this little country can offer, you do seem to have gotten the hang of nordic strangeness…
    Ha det gött!
    Miriam ( who lives way north of you)
    Btw I heard your brother say on TMS that some guy was trolling you, and that is really erking me… Does Troll McTrollpants live in Sweden so I can send him, like a wet sock or something?

    1. You are now my favorite “never met but wrote something nice on my little dumb blog Swedish friend!” We should fika sometime! Where “way up north?” If you are near the ice hotel OR Fäviken, I’ll come to you. 🙂 No worries on the Troll McTrollpants. I’ve got thick skin and what he said was so ridiculous it was hilarious. Honestly, I am just sad for him. I get trolling someone cool, but trolling a mom giving lame advice to 10 listeners is pretty pathetic. Eller hur? No wet sock needed, but what a great idea. Wet socks are the worst. 🙂 Ha det så bra och hej då.

  7. Love the segment Wendi, you wouldn’t believe how many of them have given insight to this AZ mama 🙂 I’m sure you’d have a field day with my family we have more problems than a bag of wet cats! I’m looking into marriage counseling because you have given me renewed faith in the process. Thank you for all that you do!

  8. oh fantastic! I’ve been wondering where I could ask you a question. you brought up a book on an episode once and I didn’t remember to write it down and lost the episode! it was a book or may two books about the evolution of personal spirituality. it kind of put people into categories of spiritual maturity. do you remember the name of that book? love the show tho! 😉

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