Why Thursdays?

Therapy Thursday.  Is it just a clever play on words?  Yes.  Did Scott just make it up on the fly?  Yes.   And yet there is so much more to Thursdays for me.   Let’s just say that Thursdays have always been my favorite day of the week.

(Fun fact: Therapy Thursday is frequently used to advertise events at dance clubs and bars.  Apparently I’m not the only one who loves Thursdays.)

The reason I loved Thursdays as a kid was because each day had a specific feeling attached to it. Know what I mean?  Wednesday was hump day and often opposite day which was kind of fun.  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about then ask an 8 year old).  Mondays were boring and long and hard (nothing has changed).  Tuesday were ok.  I mean, whatever happens on a Tuesday?  But Thursday meant that it was almost the weekend.  It felt like an exciting twinge of hope that meant good stuff was just around the corner.  Plus Family Ties and the Cosby show were on Thursday nights. (If you don’t know what I mean by “on Thursday nights” ask someone older than 35.)

Just recently, I was reminded by a friend (of 30 long years), why she and I both still love Thursdays.  Apparently, and I had forgotten all about this, our elementary school only did field trips on Thursdays.  Of COURSE!  How could I forget?  But what is most interesting about my life long love of Thursdays is that the “going on a field trip” feeling remains and hits me every Thursday.  How weird is that?!

Any of you have a favorite day of the week and why?  (I would love to hear from someone who loves Mondays and has some cool childhood reason for that.)

Ready go!


  1. I loved Mondays when I was a kid, but it’s not for a cool reason. School was my escape from abuse, so Mondays were rather like a stay of execution. These days, I think I agree with you, and Thursdays are my favorite day. Usually my husband and I are both off work, and there are less people around. Fewer people means more space and freedom in places like malls. Sundays are probably my runner up, simply because there is a weird sense of peace around the neighborhood.

  2. My favorite day was always Wednesdays. My mom had five kids and they all wanted to sit in the front seat of the car so she assigned each kid a weekday where they got to sit in the front. As the middle child, Wednesday was my day to sit in the front next to my Mom.

  3. Thursdays will always have a special place in my heart as well, because in Wisconsin it’s thirsty Thursday!

    Best day of the week.

  4. I realized a few years ago that Thursdays are the best day to go out for Happy Hour! First of all, it gets you looking forward to Happy Hour all day Thursday. Plus, you avoid the crowds on Friday’s happy hour, and get to actually talk to other people around you (instead of screaming). Here’s the best part: even if you have a bit of a hangover on Friday …IT’S FRIDAY! In the end, you’ve effectively extended your weekend by a whole day, every week, without taking days off! It’s a little bit of a mind-hack, but has worked great for years. Give it a try!

  5. I love Tuesdays. I was born on a Tuesday on June 2. I always imagine Tuesday as TWOSday. My grandmother also made a cross stitch thing for my birth that said, “Tuesday’s child is full of grace.” So I have always loved that.

  6. I love Mondays! I have always enjoyed school. And, for part of my life, I grew up on a farm. So, Sat-Sun included a lot of chores and seclusion from my friends. Monday meant I could see everyone again, have fun and learn.
    As an adult I love Mondays because it’s scheduled-it brings me back into a routine after a weekend of being laid-back. My brain resets and I thrive in the schedule/routine/safety of the work week.
    I’m not a fan of Thursday (because, it should be Friday already) and loathe Sundays because I have, inevitably, managed once again to not get everything done I wanted to do on the weekend. Also, I suddenly realize that I have only a day left to spend with my son before I go back to work and he goes to day care.
    After writing this–I see that I have some conflicting feelings happening here! I love Mondays, but hate Sundays because it means Monday is coming. Hmmm….

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